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#22 Klaus Rauter, Thailand Hospitality Consultant and Entrepreneur
March 30, 2010 04:14 AM PDT
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In this episode we talk to Klaus Rauter of Mai-BS Thailand. Klaus runs an independent hospitality consultancy and training company based in Bangkok. We discuss the hotel business in Thailand and entrepreneurship.

Podcast links:

The Mai-BS Thailand http://www.mai-bs.com and http://www.propertiesyouneed.com/

This episode is sponsored by the Asia Property & Tourism Summit 2010 held in Shanghai May 31 to 1 June 2010.

Visit http://www.tourism-attraction.com/

#21 Cairn Wu, Shanghai Fashion Entrepreneur
November 26, 2009 08:16 PM PST
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Cairn Wu moved from southern California to Shanghai to start a vintage inspired fashion label called Kaileeni.

We talk about the challenges of building a brand in China and what it means to be in the fashion business in China as an American entrepreneur.

Podcast links:

The Kaileeni label http://www.kaileeni.com/.
The VainLane street fashion blog http://www.VainLane.com

#20 Tushar Bhagat, Mumbai IT Web Design and Software Entrepreneur
October 26, 2009 02:26 AM PDT
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Tushar Bhagat is an IT entrepreneur from Mumbai, India working with clients across the globe in the web design business.

We discuss life as an IT entrepreneur, business in India and the lessons learned along the way.

Tushar's company G5 Web's website is http://www.g5web.com.

You can also follow Tushar on Twitter at http://twitter.com/g5web and Facebook.

#19 Douglas Foo, Franchise Entrepreneur and Chairman of Franchise & Licensing Association of Singapore
October 13, 2009 10:53 PM PDT
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Douglas Foo is the CEO of one of Asia's most successful franchise groups, Apex-Pal. He is also the Chairman of the Franchising & Licensing Association (Singapore).

We discuss franchising in Asia and the excellent growth prospects.

Douglas's company Apex-Pal's website is http://www.apexpal.com/ and the FLA Singapore one is http://www.flasingapore.org/.

Visit http://www.asiabusinessinvestor.com for a directory of franchise, business and investment opportunities in Asia today.

#18 Patrick Martin, Pacific Islands Investment Opportunities
October 06, 2009 11:53 PM PDT
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An interview with Patrick Martin from the Pacific Islands Trade and Investment Commission on business and investment opportunities in the Pacific Islands. We cover tourism, services, agricultural and fisheries investment opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.

The Pacific Islands's Trade and Investment Commission http://www.pitic.org.au/

Visit http://www.asiabusinessinvestor.com for a directory of business and investment opportunities in Asia and the Pacific today.

#17 Bellamy Budiman, Indonesian Design Entrepreneur
September 24, 2009 03:10 AM PDT
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An interview with Bellamy Budiman, founder of Indonesian design agency Neuro-Designs. Bellamy was a finalist in BusinessWeek's Asia Young Entrepreneur Awards in 2006.
We discuss his love of design and creating one of Indonesia's leading design agencies.

Bellamy's links: Neuro-Designs http://www.neuro-designs.com and Bellamy's blog http://www.bellamybudiman.com/.

Visit www.asiabusinessinvestor.com for a directory of business and investment opportunities in Asia today.

#16, Cris Lim - MyWobile
September 02, 2009 03:53 AM PDT
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Cris Lim, co-founder of the start-up MyWobile talks about he and his start-up team developed their business idea to a VC funded start-up business in Singapore. MyWobile is a technology start-up providing a new location based applications for mobile phones.

For Singapore based listeners, you can download and use myWobile at m.mywobile from your mobile phone web browsers. For overseas listeners, they are invited you to see myWobile can do so at mywobile.com. Alternatively, listeners can connect with Cris at mywobile.blogspot.com and twitter.com/mywobile

Visit www.asiabusinessinvestor.com for a list of business and investment opportunities in Asia today.

#15 Nicholas Chan, Singapore Venture Capitalist
August 24, 2009 03:49 AM PDT
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We speak to Nicholas Chan, Executive Director of Azione Capital a Singapore based venture capital fund on entrepreneurship and the venture capital business in Singapore.

The Azione Capital website is http://www.azionecapital.com/ and Nicholas's blog is http://nicholas-chan.blogspot.com/

Visit www.asiabusinessinvestor.com for a list of business and investment opportunities in Asia today.

#14 Ravi Shankar, Dubai Recruitment & HR Agency Entrepreneur
May 29, 2009 04:24 AM PDT
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We speak to Ravi Shankar, the CEO and founder of Fish People Consulting. Fish People Consulting is a leading Dubai based recruitment and human resources agency that works with many of the Middle East’s leading corporations.

Fish People Consulting can be found at www.fishpeople.net and you can also contact Ravi via LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/raviatfishpeopleconsulting.

Visit the Asia Business Investor magazine or view business opportunities for entrepreneurs at www.asiabusinessinvestor.com.

#13 Ben Kepes, Entrepreneur & Small Business Evangelist
May 26, 2009 06:24 PM PDT
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We interview Ben Kepes from BizChat, a new start-up from New Zealand. Ben has co-founded an on-line community for small and medium-sized businesses in New Zealand.
Ben shares his views on starting a business, entrepreneurship and financing start-ups in New Zealand.

Details of BizChat can be found at www.BizChat.co.nz and you can also follow Ben on Twitter at twitter.com/benkepes.

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